Collection: Pinot Noir

The grape of choice for those seeking out the best in quality and taste, Pinot Noir is notoriously difficult to get right. When it's done well though- with its light body paired alongside ripe juicy fruit flavors characterizing this delicate red wine - there really isn't anything else like them!

The grape of choice for many a wine drinker, Pinot noir can be found all over the world. A cool climate variety most often associated with France's Burgundy region because it produces deep reds and sparkling whites like Champagne or Italian Franciacorta lurkers on your next dinner party list?

The most famous red wine in the world is probably French Pinot noir, but there are many other countries that produce excellent examples. The Willamette Valley of Oregon has long been known for its quality wines made from this variety and you can find them all over California too; Carneros region around San Francisco Bay area produces some very Approachable wines while Central Coast Region northward towards Golden Gate bridge might be one place where trendy wineries thrive relative to others within same state . South Africa's Elgin valley specializes in sparkling types using it extensively along with Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne.